The Farm Viganò at South Morang, was purchased by Mario and Maria Teresa Viganò in 1934-35, and sold soon after Mario's death. The property, with house, farm buildings, and designed landscape, provides the last tangible physical association with Mario and Maria Teresa Viganò, and is able to demonstrate their remarkable contribution to cuisine, hospitality, culture and the arts. This is on account of its long use and association with Mario Viganò, the patriarch of Melbourne's, and probably Australia's, most prominent restaurant family. Mario Viganò (1888-1966) was among a small number of Italian emigrants who pioneered the introduction of Italian and other cultures to the mono-culture of Anglo Celtic Australian society. 'Mario's' restaurant in Exhibition Street Melbourne, and 'The Farm' at South Morang were the principal venues for his contribution to Australian society. 

For further information on the remarkable and fascinating history on the now heritage listed property please visit Friends of Farm Vigano